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Kingsley Dam Resort features log cabins on the east side of the road (very similar to the original Kingsleyville cabins over 80 years ago). Focusing on the fisherman pride, you are more than welcome to stay in any of our log cabins named after some of the fish you are likely to find here at Lake Mac. Or if you are in for an extra special treat, feel free to look into our Cliff Suites located right next to the convenience store on the west side of the road. 


Kingsley Dam Resort also features a convenience store nearby to all accommodations. It is also conveniently located right before you cross Kingsley Dam on the south side of Lake McConaughy. Fill your boat, grab some snacks, a souvenir, and be on your way! 

Location & Activities: 

Kingsley Dam Resort sets the scene for a grand adventure with breathtaking views of Lake McConaughy and is in close proximity to some of the nicest white, sandy beaches including Martin Bay and Arthur Bay! Lake Ogallala and Kingsley Dam are also very close…along with some of the best Walleye fishing in the nation! 

Kingsley Dam History

As part of the original “Kingsleyville,” Kingsley Dam Resort maintains the history of Kingsley Dam which helped create Lake McConaughy. The town housed the workers who built the infamous Kingsley Dam (which was the second largest dam in the world at the time of construction). The workers stayed in cabins very similar to the ones here at Kingsley Dam Resort. Of course, the cabins have had some updates over the years, with newer ones also added, but the look and feel remains the same. We strive to preserve and appreciate the lake history, while providing new and modern amenities.  To learn more about the history of Lake McConaughy and Kingsley Dam, watch the video below!

History of Kingsley Dam and Lake McConaughy. Source: Nebraska Game and Parks Commission